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The MUSIC VIDEO has wrapped.

Track 4 from THE WISHING WELL entitled FOLLOW ME will be the second full production music video---now in post production!

The wishing well

The MUSIC VIDEO is here!

A cinematic, fantastical tale of two friends that, despite death, will always remain together . On earth and past eternity.  Filmed in New England starring actress Shannon Carter. Watch below!

Children's book theme song!

"Alan the wrench, Welcome to workington"

I had the pleasure today of singing with these cuties on the theme song to a wonderful new children’s book “Alan the wrench, welcome to workington A-Z.” Written by Joe Paragona Jr! This book is wonderful, creative, unique, fun and educational. The song won’t be on the website for a little bit but check out the book itself on Amazon! i’m so excited to have my copy!

Song to benefit the Tony Sly foundation for kids

Duet with Anthony Colarusso

Please help us to help the Tony sly music foundation for kids and buy our song for one $1🙏🏻💜

A friend of mine and talented musician Anthony Colarusso got together and did a cover of one of our favorite songs, 

Via Munich! 

The amazing artist behind the original tune -Tony Sly- sadly passed away in 2012 at age 41. 

100% of the proceeds of the purchase of this song go directly to the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids.



We adore this song and recorded this with the hopes of doing a small part to help this great foundation which promotes teaching music to children in a fun, inspiring and innovative way. The song is available for $1. 

Mission statement of Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids:
The Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids is a registered 501(c) organization that helps to support music education through projects dedicated in his honor.

Hope you enjoy!




Staring down a barrel 

  "Staring down a barrel" directed by Anthony Gaudette and James Harmon. SDAB was the winner of the SCRIPT TO SCREEN award at the STANFORD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and was turned into a live action film. SDAB will premiere at the festival 10/19/19.  

Kate Eppers FB
Kate Eppers FB

The Hero of our Time


If Princess Peach wrote a song for Mario- THIS WOULD BE IT! See you on rainbow road! 


Interview! theJewish Journal

Boston newspaper

A beautiful write up from the wildly popular and heavily distributed Boston newspaper THE JEWISH JOURNAL. Interview by editor Steven R. Rosenberg 


The wishing well! Music video



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